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Wednesday 2 March 2022

Theatre | Kerbs - Belgrade Theatre Review


Wow...Let's just start off with wow. I was speechless by this performance of Kerbs at the Belgrade Theatre last night, not only because it was good, but I was not expecting what happened during it to happen. If you love a bit of Tinder action then this is the right show for you. Let's dive right in shall we?


Firstly, I LOVE how this show was done for a start. All of the lines were shown on the stage set up so people who were death could read what was happening, all of the text messages were read out for those who may have been blind or visually impaired and the actors and actresses were disabled. All in all, this was SUCH an inclusive, diverse and VERY well thought of to include everyone. This was the main thing I loved about this performance as it was so inclusive but seeing the lines and test messages live on screen really added to it.

Getting into the actual show, my goodness was I so not prepared for it. Lucy & David the main characters meet on a Tinder style app called Tingle going on a rather frisky and sexual journey together but also teaching and learning about each other along the way. Basically I don't want to tell you too much as I'd rather you go and see it yourself, but lets say it was rather 'frisky' to say the least! But SO entertaining with all the sexual innuendos and how the whole show was played out. I can't lie it did make me cringe a bit near the end when the hoist comes into play - pun intended. Honestly I can't say anymore than that as you must go and see the performance for yourself.


As quoted by Belgrade Theatre - 'Faced with first-date disasters, a few crossed wires and Lucy's mum, what they really need is a bit of space, a bit of fun - and ideally some independence. Escaping for the weekend to a caravan park in Somerset, it's time for them to find out if their spark will finally catch, or burn everything to the ground.'

This performance is so current which was lovely to feel rather connected to, but I also love how the couple want to live their lives and not let their disabilities stop them from doing so. Also proved the difficulties with dating as well, definitely something you should consider going to see as it was just hilarious but also made you think. #WheelsOnFire

You can buy tickets to see Kerbs at The Belgrade Theatre here between Sat 26th Feb - Sat 5th March 2022.

*Thank you to The Belgrade Theatre for inviting me to review this performance. All my opinions are my own, open and honest. For more information please refer to my disclaimer.*

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