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Thursday 14 April 2022

Theatre | Animal Farm Review - Belgrade Theatre

 Animal Farm Review - Belgrade Theatre

A revolution by farm animals is the base line of this puppeteer performance. Never have I seen anything so well thought & put together like this. A brilliant team of puppeteers really showcased this story so well, brought humour to the table & really painted the picture of what they were trying to show to the audience. I did find some parts to the show rather creepy but we move haha. But regardless it was so well thought of and so much effort was clearly put into this show. Lets drive right in.

Animal Farm Review - Belgrade Theatre

The main story line was farm animals having enough of the everyday slavery & horrific ways they were being treated. Therefore the revolution was born against the human farmer for the animals to become free. Yet were they really free? Weekly meetings occurred once the farmer was scared off, whereby the pigs, who are the most intelligent animals, learn more and more about how to run a farm and end up being more like the humans. The way this story line went, it really made you think, and I really hope the audience took something home as to how animals really feel being trapped in the continuous cycle of being used for the meat & dairy industry. It really portrayed how the animals felt about it, and if they had a voice, what they would say. And of course with me being vegan, really resonated with this.

My favourite characters in Animal Farm had to be all the chickens & the cow. The sheep were also hilarious with the way they repeated the wrong things. I loved the humour that was added into the show, it really made it more uplifting.

Animal Farm Review - Belgrade Theatre
Animal Farm Review - Belgrade Theatre

So this show really did have a meaning behind it & it's something worth watching. When I went to see the show, the whole theatre was packed with people wanting to see it & I didn't even realise there was a book on it as well! Certainly one I'd like to read, nothing better than a good book, as well as it being performed. If you are interested by what you've read, definitely grab yourself some tickets to watch it for yourself, it's only 1 hour 30 mins show so it's not too long either. The showings for Animal Farm are between Tuesday 12th April - Saturday 16th April 2022.

*I was kindly invited to Belgrade Theatre as press to review Animal Farm. All my opinions are my own, open & honest. Please refer to my disclaimer for more information.*

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