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Wednesday 6 April 2022

Theatre | Fighting Irish Review - Belgrade Theatre

Fighting Irish Belgrade Theatre

I was kindly invited back to the Belgrade Theatre to review the latest performance of Fighting Irish. Which is a true story by Jamie McGough, of a young boy fighting for his Irish title in boxing. My family background is Irish so I really resonated with this performance and understood everything it was about, with how Irish people weren't accepted many years ago, about the history of the Irish etc. It was lovely to see this as growing up, my Mum always told me stories and taught me about the history of Ireland and where our ancestors are from in Ireland. So it was so lovely being able to relate to this production.

Fighting Irish Belgrade Theatre

The whole set up of the performance was very well thought out, with a boxing ring as the stage of course. The actors and actresses outfits were perfectly well put together down to a T for the era of the 1970's of when it was all based in. Which really supported putting the whole picture together and for the audience to really step back in time to see how the whole story began of the McGough's.

Fighting Irish Belgrade Theatre

The only female actress within the performance I have to say, was SO good at playing her role of Eileen McGough, really showing the true emotion of being a mother to her son. Not to mention every other actor in the performance was extremely talented. I especially enjoyed the scene of the lawyer battling it out in the courtroom for the young boys, the actor Eddy Payne played his role extremely well. 

Fighting Irish Belgrade Theatre

Overall, I extremely enjoyed this performance, so much so I had to give them a standing ovation. Absolutely smashing job of portraying the story & it really pulled at my heart strings with being Irish decent myself with an Irish family background. Definitely worth a watch whether you are Irish or not, interested in the Irish history or just something different to see in general. The show is on until 16th April and tickets are selling like hot cakes, so book your tickets fast if you want to see this show, it's not one to be missed.

*I was kindly invited as press to review this performance. All my opinions are my own, open & honest. Please refer to my disclaimer for more information.*

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