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Wednesday 27 July 2022

Food | Procaffeinate Leamington Spa Review - Is It Vegan Friendly?

Procaffeinate Review

One of the best Instagram spots in Leamington Spa & the place to go for brunch. But is it suitable for vegans? Let’s run through the few times I’ve been & see what’s vegan.

Procaffeinate Review


Unfortunately the pancakes aren’t vegan but are vegetarian friendly. I have asked if they can make them vegan but unfortunately they can’t. I really do hope they can change this as not only is vegan better, but what about those who are allergic to dairy and want to try the pancakes. They should really make this an option along side everywhere else that does pancakes.

Procaffeinate Review
Procaffeinate Review

All day breakfast 

They have a full vegan breakfast which was nice. I highly recommend the delicious mini hash browns they were a favourite that’s for sure. The dish came with button mushrooms (really wish I liked mushrooms but I just don’t, no matter how hard I try I just don’t like them!), toast, baked beans, veggie sausages and tofu scramble. I do have to say the tofu scramble wasn’t up to scratch, needed a bit of tumeric adding to it to give it that egg look about it. Plus I wasn’t such a fan of it as tofu I really need to try out more and wasn’t a fan of this one.

Procaffeinate Review


Of course most of the smoothies are vegan just make sure you don’t order any with cows milk or yoghurt in. I can definitely say the smoothies are delicious, who doesn’t love a good smoothie to add to your 5 a day?

There are more items on the menu like; humus with bread, garlic flatbread, vegan breakfast, falafel flatbread if you take off the feta cheese. There aren't many vegan options when you look at the menu, but it's worth asking if they can change things for you. The team there are lovely. 

Overall it’s a lovely place to stop for brunch, a coffee or breakfast. Would definitely recommend if you are looking for a Instagramable brunch spot. Perfect place to go for Sunday brunch & to get your foodie content.

Have you ever visited Procaffeinate before? Click here to go to their website.

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