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Sunday 31 July 2022

Food | FOMO Coventry Review - Is It Suitable For Vegans?

FOMO Coventry Review

A fair few months back I visited the new restaurant located in the skydome area of Coventry called FOMO. Your new Asian style restaurant/cocktail bar, an Instagramable dream & sassy cocktails. I was kindly invited as press to check out the place before the grand opening back in April. So let’s dive in to see how it went.

FOMO Coventry Review


Firstly I have to say how much effort had been put into the stunning interior of FOMO. Coventry needs more restaurants that look this boujee. Just look at the seating areas, swinging benches & the classic Instagram spot with the flower wall. I have to give the interior a top rating, as I also found out they only had 4 weeks during the time of getting the keys to the place and the grand opening. So the FOMO team have smashed the interior out the park. Watch this vlog to see how the full interior looks.

FOMO Coventry Review


The drinks menu was so unusual to what you’d usually see. Random mixes that go so well, lovely little decorations to add to your cocktail experience & they tasted just fine. I had the Geisha Garden & Cherry Blossom cocktails which were so unusual but rather unique. The only thing I’ll say about the effort put into how the cocktails look is, will it last during the busier periods? Only time will tell.

FOMO Coventry Review


As for food, I can’t say there was much vegan options, let alone the labelling being very clear at all. I opted for the Kaeng Lueang with salt & pepper chips whilst Katie had the katsu chicken burger with chunky chips. The food was rather nice to be honest, definitely worth trying if you love Asian cuisine.

Back onto the menu, as I said the vegan and vegetarian options were not clearly stated (bearing in mind this was the press night & they have now rectified the menu with the GF, V & VE labels looking at their website), there were a fair few spelling mistakes across the menu also. I completely understood the fact they had to rush everything due to a short period before opening, but these types of things on menus are crucial, especially for those with allergies with gluten, dairy, nuts, shellfish etc. So I do hope that FOMO can step it up a notch and relook at their menu because of this.

Overall I would say to check out FOMO as it is beautiful inside, lovely cocktails and nice food. Just be aware of the menu situation & just check with the staff if you have any allergies or preferences. As they were lovely enough to check with the kitchen with the dish I ordered to make sure it was vegan for me.

Have you visited or plan to visit FOMO in Coventry yet?

Click here to check out FOMO Coventry's website.

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