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Sunday 23 October 2022

Theatre | Bombay Superstar The Musical - Belgrade Theatre Review

Bombay Superstar - Belgrade Theatre Review

Taking you back to the 1970's era in Bombay, where all the Bollywood stars were looking to start their acting careers. Bombay Superstar is one to watch if you adore all the Bollywood movies, Indian references & all the beautiful outfits. I was kindly invited to watch the brilliant performance at the Belgrade Theatre & wanted to share the experience with you all. So lets dive in...

Bombay Superstar - Belgrade Theatre Review

Even a few days later from watching the performance of Bombay Superstar, I have the song Bombay Superstar in the form of Voulez Vous by ABBA - aha! I honestly can't stop singing the song in my head. I thoroughly enjoyed this show, from learning about the Indian culture, seeing all the beautiful sari's and glittery outfits. This performance threw you right back into the 1970's of Bollywood film making days, with a scandalous affair involved as well as a fair bit of drama here and there.

Bombay Superstar - Belgrade Theatre Review

Something I have to mentioned is how BEAUTIFUL the singers were in this show. At first I thought it was a pre recorded track but we (myself & my best friend Katie) noticed that they were singing live at the back of the stage behind sheer screens. It was so beautiful and intriguing to hear these performers sing these clearly well known Bollywood songs, as the couple next to us were singing them quietly which was lovely. I just felt so grateful to be able to witness such a wonderful show by some incredible actors and actresses. On another note, I loved how the show was also based on the cultural rules and how the lead role lady was trying to put across how important it is for women to have a voice. I really loved how this was interpreted throughout the performance.

Bombay Superstar - Belgrade Theatre Review

Overall, this was a beautifully made show, from the fact they had subtitles above the stage for people to understand what was being spoken in the language throughout, perfectly thought of stage outfits and incredible vocals. Unfortunately the show is now finished at the Belgrade Theatre but you can catch the show in Cornwall, Ipswich, Salford Quays & Southampton on various dates here.

*I was kindly invited to the Belgrade Theatre to review this performance. All my opinions are my own, open & honest. Please refer to my disclaimer for more information.*

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