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Wednesday 4 January 2023

Food | Green Superfood Smoothie Recipe

Green Superfood Smoothie

 Seeing as January is the month of health, and more importantly, Veganuary! I thought I’d kick off the year with a Green Superfood Smoothie recipe to give you all the goodness you need and to help your gut health. 

Frozen strawberries
Frozen raspberries 
Frozen mango
Frozen apple
Frozen kale
Frozen spinach
100ml Apple juice
1 tbsp MyVegan Green Superfood Blend
2 scoops MyVegan Clear Protein

Mix everything in the blender & dispense how you wish. I love to pour them into mason jars. This recipe is fab for on the go breakfasts, getting your 5 a day in & also fitting in your vitamins. Also it’s brilliant for gut health & making you feel so much more refreshed in the morning. 

Use my code ISOBELCELINE for 37% off MyVegan. Let me know if you make this recipe & tag me over on instagram @isobelceline. Also follow me on TikTokInstagram & YouTube all @isobelceline for more recipes, through quick & easy videos.

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