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Wednesday 20 September 2023

Theatre | Heathers The Musical Review - Belgrade Theatre

Heathers The Musical

Firstly, it’s been a while and secondly, what a review to come back with! I’ve never seen Heathers before but with how much I’ve seen it all over Tik Tok I couldn’t wait to witness this spectacular American high school based musical. With references I recognised from viral TikToks & songs that were stuck in my head for hours ‘Welcome To My Candy Store’ is what is replaying in my head as I’m writing this. 

Heathers The Musical

Let’s start off with the fashion of the performance. The costumes were SPOT ON and gave me such Clueless vibes with the Heathers wearing matching tartan preppy looks which would be fabulous to recreate and wear to watch the performance if you wished - which I actually saw a couple of people do and they looked brilliant!

Heathers The Musical

As for the actors and actresses, my goodness, they all had an incredible pair of lungs! With how spectacular they could sing, and may I say dance at the same time and still sound incredible. They all played their parts SO brilliantly and I was mesmerised by the entire performance. I’m certainly one for appreciating the hard work and effort that goes into these performances, especially from the cast and how well they remember every little detail. 

Heathers The Musical

The performance highlighted a number of things including homophobia and stomping it out. It was brilliant to see how the LGBTQ community was highlighted in this performance so beautifully. A whole scene & song in the performance was dedicated to it and the audience absolutely LOVED IT. Another matter that was strongly highlighted throughout the show was suicide awareness and how young people should feel free to speak about how they feel and not feel alone or ashamed to, alongside how hard school life is for young people. There were a few lessons to be learnt from this show and I’m so happy they were highlighted for people to learn from. 

Heathers The Musical

The performance had a standing ovation for the entire cast and show team as they did such a fantastic job. I can tell this musical will certainly be a sell out and a must see if you adore musicals. I couldn’t recommend this show enough. I’ll be breaking out into song randomly for the foreseeable - ‘We can be seventeen’

Book your tickets now before they sell out at Belgrade Theatre. Showing from Tuesday 19th to Saturday 23rd September. A brilliant evening or afternoon out. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever seen Heathers The Musical.

*Thank you to Belgrade Theatre for inviting my to review this performance. All opinions are my own, open & honest. Please refer to my disclaimer for more information.*

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