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Thursday 30 June 2016

Advice | Why I Started My Blog


Writing nothing but my personal opinion on my blog and advice is what I've been keeping to within my blog. Whether I publish this post or not, I feel I need to write about a few things...

Why did I start my blog?

At first, I just wanted to share my little bargains that I found every so often with shopping hauls on my blog. Then it lead to photos in my bedroom mirror of my OOTD each day. Not knowing that the lighting was so bad and I wasn't getting my full outfit photographed in the right way that I wanted to. I soon realised I wanted to capture a full image of my outfit, so started taking pictures outside. I've always been one for photography and have been developing my skills ever since I was given my first bridge camera a couple of years ago - which I unfortunately broke... I won't go into details. I then went onto another bridge camera which was a Fujifilm model which I found quite good, but didn't do everything I wanted it to do. As you might of seen within my What A Lovely Christmas post, I got a Nikon DSLR camera for Christmas, which I have been dreaming of owning for a few years now. 

Heading back to the subject of why I started my blog. I started my blog wanting share the bargains I found and my little outfits I created. I soon developed my own personal style and started to figure out who I really am. Since I first started my blog, I have developed myself within my style, personality and where I want to take myself in life. Never did I think I would of been working with so many brands, featured on different fashion related sites and invited to so many different events - let alone meeting some fabulous bloggers along the way!

I never intended for my blog to become such a huge part of my life. I started it off just as a little hobby as I wanted to write about fashion. It recently developed to writing about outfits I created, places I've travelled to, lifestyle, beauty reviews and advice. When I started blogging, I didn't research it a lot, I just randomly started one. Not knowing what could become of blogging. Some positive and some negative, but mostly positive.


Where do I want my blog to go?

As I have changed my official status from fashion and personal style blogger to Personal Style, Beauty, Lifestyle & Travel Blogger, I have become more professional within my writing but still keeping my unique personality within it, which adds that personal touch to reach out to my readers. I want to take my blog to a further level by challenging myself to adventure more and not be afraid of things that lie ahead. Whether good or bad, the new year has made me want to rethink about what direction I want to lead myself in. As I am a very strong willed person and can achieve something if I believe in myself enough. I also want to reach out to my readers and followers more. I love to interact and talk to my followers as you are why I am still going. The amazing comments and support I receive from you guys is so inspiring! I also like to support others as how are we supposed to continue blogging if we don't support each other?!

My blog has become so important to me that nearly everything I do is for my blog. I photograph as best I can with new content every week that I spend hours putting together, finding links to products, places I 've visited to, advice on everyday life. I write what I feel is relevant to me and to my followers. I not only want to create a professional feel and look about my blog but to also create a place where my readers can come and find what they are looking for easily and feel inspired while they are reading my content.

Moving on to an even more personal subject that I feel needs to be put out there and people need to take on board and think about. Whether this next point has a positive or negative approach to you or not. Please read the whole paragraph before you comment.



A lesson to those who think one question, action, thought or comment won't affect someone at all. I ask those of you to please think before speaking to or about someone when involving something negative. Do you really think they need your negativity? Do you really understand how badly that one thing affects that one person? It sends them into a whorlwind full of different thoughts and emotions. Some people may look like they just let it go over their head, but do you really see what is going on within their head? What they're really thinking inside there? No. These thoughts spiral around people's minds and haunts them every single day. Just one negative set back can affect someone hugely that it could send them into an emotional roller coaster and because you are not them, you will not understand how it feels and affects someone so much.

So, I ask of you, my viewers, readers and followers, please think about how that one negative thought, question, comment or even bitchy look may affect people. You may not be affected by it, but the other person will be. Just because someone's Instagram feed makes them look like they've got a perfect life, do you not understand how much editing has gone into that and that those images are just glimpses into their lives. You don't know what they are going through, for all you know, they may be going through depression, have anxiety, having troubles at home, anything that affects them personally.
Ask yourself, what good does it do to you to send a negative action to someone else? Does it make you feel powerful? No, because it doesn't make you a better person to make someone else feel like utter crap about themselves. So, next time you think of doing a negative action, just ask yourself, how would that make you feel? As that is what the person you are aiming it at will feel. Everyone is different. Never forget that.

If you are kind to others and give them positive comments, thoughts, questions or even just smile at someone, I'm pretty sure it will brighten up their day and makes them feel better about themselves. A bonus to positive actions is the positivity bounces back to you and makes you feel better too.


Negativity Online

Something that a lot of people are afraid of when writing something online. Negativity. At first, part of me felt that I never wanted to publish this post, but you know what? That isn't what I wrote it for. Me not wanting to publish a personal message like this isn't normally me, as in I don't hold back from things usually. But you know what, I'm stronger than this and I'm not going to hold back from being myself online just because I might get some negative comments back from this, but I know I am a strong enough person to push them out of my mind and not care what people think about the real me.

When I go out in public, I don't give a crap about what people think of me, I'm never going to hear their thoughts and most likely will never see them again. I've done some super embarrassing and stupid things in my time, and do I care what ridiculous looks, what people think or say? No. Because I'm living my life how I want to. Not how they want to. We shouldn't be scared of being ourselves whether it's online or in the real world, in the street, in a shop, in a night club. Where ever you go, don't hide the real you. Be who you are and love yourself. *Enter Justin Bieber song here* Who gives an absolute crap about anybody else's negativity. Life is limitless. Go out there and bloody well live it people!

This is why this year, I'm going out into this world and taking on as many adventures, new experiences and doing the most ridiculous things I can think of because that's what I like to do with the best people I know. Family & Friends. And if people don't like that, then who cares!

I'd just like to thank you for taking the time out of your day just to read this personal message. I'm speaking for not only myself, but for what I've seen and witnessed myself so far in my life. I'd also like to say, thank you to those of you who read every single post I publish and are still here. One message to each and every one of you...I love you all <3

 *Photo's are ALL my own. Taken on a Nikon DSLR D3200 Camera*


  1. I agree with everything and honestly you have written this so well! Xx

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read all this and understand it Niky and for leaving a comment on this. I really appreciate this! <3 xx

  2. I really like such a personal entries will be happy to read them. Yours is a very interesting and read it with pleasure.