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Monday 4 July 2016

Advice | 10 Things To Do In Summer

Isobel Celine

This year, I made a bucket list of things I wanted to do, especially in the summer. So, I thought I'd share it with you and give you all some ideas of what YOU could do this summer if you wanted to try something new!


As I used to be a massive fan of Call Of Duty & used to be a secret gamer girl, now a days I rarely have time to even fit in an hour on my Xbox One. So getting outside and doing it in reality but without the major pain, even if I did get shot in the butt 4 times during my day out at Paintballing, I am so excited to be going again! I went down to Basetts Pole, literally 15 minutes from the city centre of Birmingham, for the day with my boyfriend and his friends due to have a free day out at NPF Paintballing which included 8 matches & a free burger lunch. You only had to pay for your paintballs and a £5 deposit which you got back once you were in there to use towards your paintballs. It was such an awesome day! If you love getting out of the real world for the day and don't mind running around with a paintballing gun in a giant camouflage onesie, head mask (which protects your head & eyes from all the paint flying about which you HAVE to wear at all times during games and where the paintballing guns are about) and a gun full of paintballs, running around or camping waiting for the enemy to come by or to capture the flag, then this is definitely somewhere you should visit!

*By no means have I been sponsored or anything at all in this post, I have only mentioned it because I had a brilliant day out at NPF Paintballing and would recommend it to anyone who loves that sort of thing.*

Isobel Celine

2. Holiday with friends

Okay, so my holiday is actually booked for October, but we still booked it during the summer. I'm heading to Ibiza some time then for a week with one of my best friends. I've also been down to London for a weekend with another best friend for a weekend filled with shopping, sight seeing, food and lots of cocktails and to also meet a blogger friend I met through a Bloggers Christmas Card Swap last year, which happens to be Cat from What Cat Says! Are/Have you planned a holiday with your friends at any point this year? Whether it being in your home country or abroad? I can't wait to visit Ibiza for a week! Sun, sea, shopping and of course, cocktails!

Isobel Celine

3. Festivals

I've wanted to visit so many festivals! One year, I will try and go to as many festivals as possible, maybe next year? Let me know what ones I should go to next time! This year, I'm only going to Godiva Festival and V Fest. V Fest being the most exciting as it's their 21st birthday and the line up looks insane! Including the headlining act of JUSTIN BEIBER! Also Sia, Jess Glynne, Mike Posner, Walking On Cars (FAVES), Zara Larsson, DNCE (OMG), Rita Ora and so many more amazing artists! I'm literally SO excited! Even at Godiva Festival, Scouting For Girls are going to be performing! So there's some exciting festivals coming up! What festivals are you planning on going to or have already been too?

Isobel Celine

4. Go Karting

I'm a bit of a competitive person when it comes to games, and Go Karting is no exception. I'm planning to go for my 19th this year, as I've been before but that was at least 2 years back and am itching to get back behind the wheel! I love that adrenaline feeling when your racing against others around the track, trying to beat your personal best lap every time. Can you tell I have a secret tomboy sort of side to me behind my style and personality yet?

Isobel Celine

5. Visit a Theme Park

The amount of times I've visit Drayton Manor and Alton Towers, yet I'm still not bored of them! I love the big drop roller coaster in X Sector at Alton Towers called Oblivion, I've been on it at least 6 times and still love it! I love that excitement feeling! I'd love to go to Thorpe Park, Chessington World Of Adventure, Legoland for definite! I used to visit Wicksteed park a lot when I was younger and I've also visit Flamingo Land before whilst on a little holiday to Yorkshire for a week a few years ago. What theme parks would you recommend trying out?

Isobel Celine

6. Picnics

Picnics on a nice hot summers day is just perfect! Especially in the company of either your family or friends. Me and my friends love to by loads of different foods and do food challenges as wells as food fight that usually consists of throwing marshmallows at each other hahaa! I particularly love to have picnics in nature parks or reserves, as it's so nice, peaceful and calm in these places, until me and my friends arrive and we love to be pretty funny and weird.

Isobel Celine

7. Mini Golf

I used to love playing this as a child and I'd loved to play it again, even if it's crazy golf! I love doing different things and trying new things out! Mini golf is a perfect way to have fun and get a bit of exercise at the same time! Would you ever play mini/crazy golf?

Isobel Celine

8. Visit a Zoo

This is something I haven't done for years! There's something about looking and watching new animals that you don't see everyday that just interests me, watching how they live and what they do. I especially love to capture them on camera as I love taking pictures of animals no matter what type they are. If I started uploading photos of pictures I've been taking lately, would you guys be interested? Say if I did a monthly post called, for example, "July's Photo Diary" maybe? Let me know what you think!

Isobel Celine

9. Have a Spa Day

Oh how long I've wanted to visit a Spa for a day...I think I need to get on Wowcher and find myself a bargain! I love pampering myself on a girl night in with my favourite girls. Especially having face masks and doing our nails etc. There's nothing wrong with treating yourself right and looking after yourself properly! Is there anywhere you would recommend for a Spa Day?

Isobel Celine

10. Visit Warwick Castle

I didn't used to be a massive fan of history during my younger years, but over the last few years of learning about myself more, I've found out a lot about myself, like going to historical places like museums. I've been to a fair few aeroplanes, car and tank museums within the last 3-4 years and absolutely love photographing them! I also love going to Victorian styled museums and old stately homes, which I actually visited a fair few last year. Warwick Castle I have visited before, but only during a placement trip, so I was mainly looking after the children rather than taking in the beauty of the place. So I'm definitely planning on getting back there to check out all the medieval action going on down there!

Thanks for reading everybody! Did you get any new ideas from this post, if so, let me know where you would go or what ideas you've come up with in the comments below!

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