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Thursday 11 January 2018

Lifestyle | What Happened In December

Isobel Celine

Well, December started off with me and the girls heading to the NEC for the World Duty Free shopping event, then heading into Birmingham for a bit of shopping and pizza. That same day I went out for my friends 30th Birthday and had a night out - December was full of different nights out! I put up an 8ft Christmas tree all by myself!

I had a few driving lessons which I'm quite enjoying! I also met George for a couple of drinks, a KFC and a well needed catch up.

During December I was getting to grips with my new Admin job that I'm really enjoying! As I mentioned before, I had a lot pf nights out, so I had a night out filled with prosecco, donuts, curry, photo booths and lots of dancing with all the girls from my old workplace which was really nice to have that last reunion with them all!

I had a very christmassy, but lovely weekend with my friends that included; ice skating, a Christmas meal that included prosecco (of course), tomato and balsamic vinegar soup with ciabatta bread, roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings and a terry's chocolate orange sundae to finish! SO GOOD!! During this meal, me and the girls all opened and exchanged our gifts we brought each other - like a mini Christmas day for us all. My favourite annual thing to do at Christmas is our Christmas meal and exchange gifts around good food and company.

The next weekend was followed by 2 house parties and going down the town, a very eventful night I'll tell you that!

During Christmas we actually spent it up the coast for a change, which was lovely - I also finally got to take Pepsi to the beach which I was SO happy about as he'd never been before! So that made my Christmas! Family time at Christmas is so important to me, but I don't care where we are for Christmas, as long as we're all together! I made a gingerbread house on Christmas day as well!

To end December, I went up to Liverpool for my friends 23rd birthday and we had a night out there and drank lots of prosecco...We did a lot of shopping too! So I'll definitely film a haul on what I got in Liverpool at some point. To end December, I went out on New Years Eve and had one of the best nights out I've had in a long time! So fun!!

So that's the last of whats happened during 2017! Here's to what happens in the months of 2018! Have a great new year lovelies!

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