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Thursday 14 February 2019

Lifestyle | Adult Games Night With Scrawl

Scrawl - Big Potato Games

Who loves a good night in with drinks, nibbles and a good board game? Sounds kind of boring for some people with a board game, but this game isn't you're typical 'get me out at Christmas' game. It's a game that is for every party, night in, pre-drinks night out, birthday, house party, Christmas, you name it, this is THE game you need to play - if you 17+ of course, as this game can be rather rude, but HILARIOUS!

Scrawl - Big Potato Games

The first time I played this game was on Christmas Day (twice shall I mention in the one day), with my family and then Adam's family. The first game with my family was SO funny and we ended up in absolute stitches with the drawings and descriptions we were all coming out with and we saw sides to each other we didn't even know were there, which made it even funnier! 

Basically, to start the game, you each have a white board (make sure you remember your number on the back of the board), a white board pen and a wiper. One person chooses a colour from the card pack; white, black, yellow or pink. And which ever you get on your card, you have to draw what you would describe it as. Once you have done so, you cover it up with a pink scrawl card and pass it to the person on your left (or right if you want to switch it up and make your own rules like we did). Once you have passed it on and you've received the person on your right (or left) board, you then take a peak at the drawing underneath and then you have to write what you think the drawing is of. Then you repeat this until you get your board back! The more players you have the better, having 4 or more is the best way to play it! Honestly, you'll be surprised at what people think of in their head when they read or draw something! There's also a score board for you competitive people out their - especially ones who get more competitive when consuming alcohol.

The next time I played it was a drink and games night at Saffron's house with Adam and Luke. Prosecco and other forms of alcohol were involved (guess who got drunk after one glass of prosecco...), it was a rolling around the floor (literally) in laughter with this game. We honestly had so much fun and laughed so hard our stomachs could of formed a 6 pack by the end of the game.

Scrawl - Big Potato Games
Scrawl - Big Potato Games

As you can see in the above photo, these drawings and descriptions were from our night at Saffron's house. You never know what can happen in this game! It's honestly just the perfect game if you love to spice up a house party and laugh until you are rolling around on your best friends laminate flooring. The brand this game comes from is Big Potato Games & they have SO many more fun adult games that I am looking at buying more of! Especially when the day comes to buying a house and throwing a house party! Scrawl retails to £25 and you'll have hours of fun with it!

*This awesome game was gifted to me by Big Potato Games, but all my opinions are honest, even in a drunken state I loved the game*


  1. This sounds like a great game for Christmas aha! Congrats on working with this company too hun.

    Shannon x

    1. Thank you lovely! Yes it was perfect for Christmas with the family!x

  2. I love games like this, so much fun to play! :D

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip

  3. These games sound so perfect for a night in! I can imagine it brings out the worst in people (but in the best way!)

    Amy x
    Writing into the Ether

  4. Oh my gosh this is hilarious. I'm so bad at rudey dudey games which will make the whole thing funnier!

  5. This looks really fun, definitely beats the usual Christmas game of life!