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Friday 10 April 2020

Lifestyle | 10 Things I'm Going To Do Once Lockdown Is Over

Isobel celine

Have you started to hit rock bottom with the motivation during lockdown? I know I sure have, but we all have these down days, and sometimes we need to embrace them to make ourselves feel better. But we also need a way out, an escapism to boost our moods. So that's where I've put this list together of things to look forward to when lockdown is over and social distancing was part of the past.

Isobel celine

1. Hug my Mum

We seriously took for granted those little things. My biggest one is being able to hug my Mum. There's nothing quite like a hug from your Mum. So this is one of the top things I miss.

2. Meeting up with friends

I honestly miss seeing my best friends, we still FaceTime but it's not the same as dressing up all cute and going out for the day together for dinner dates etc. As soon as lockdown is over I'm organising a meal and night out with them all to celebrate our freedom and friendship. One guess where that will be...indian food will be the hint if you don't know.

3. Going to the gym

I used to moan at doing a long workout, but now I am longing for the gym and the routine of exercise on all the machines. I never knew how much I would actually miss it.

Isobel celine
Isobel celine

4. Having a daily routine

My gosh do I miss the routine of getting up, getting ready to work, driving to work, seeing work colleagues etc. I just miss the routine, as busy as it was, I really am missing the routine and actually going to work. Anyone else miss actually going to work that has been working from home? It makes you more motivated when you have a routine in place that's for sure.

5. Being able to go to the shops freely

Me and Adam used to go to the food shop every other day or just when we are bored, to have a look around and pick up some bargains. I honestly miss that so much, as of course now only one of you in your household can go in the shop at one time. I hate the new rules but I completely get why they are in place of course.

6. Going out for the day

Never will I take for granted the freedom of going out for the day, and I mean the entire day. As we did this most weekends, and I miss our adventures. I can't wait to be able to go out, and not be restricted by the government rules and have our freedom back.

Isobel celine
Isobel celine
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7. Book a holiday

Seeing as our holiday was cut short by all the chaos, we didn't get our holiday this year. So as soon as everything is okay and we can fly out the country again, we are going straight on holiday! Anywhere that we are able to fly to we will, need a holiday ASAP.

8. Drive, just drive

I've really missed driving my car, that when I go to drive it I feel like I've forgotten how to drive it. I love driving to places and just driving in general. Windows down, music blasting, just feeling so free. I miss that feeling.

9. Wear all the pretty clothes

I know we can wear what we want anyway, but what's the point when you can't show it off? I've been living in loungewear and gym wear and all I want to do is dress up in all my nice summer clothes. So I can't wait for that, especially with the nice summer weather.

10. Buy our own house

I cannot wait to buy our own house, and as much as this lockdown is a pain, it's helped us to save money more easily than ever. The only things I've been buying is the odd thing of eBay and that's it. No petrol, not much food needs buying, as we are trying to eat what we have in the cupboards so to speak. Our gym membership has been frozen so that's less being spent. So I hope we can get our house sooner than we hope! That's the main thing I want to get out of this year, our own place that we can call home. As nice as it can be living with parents, having your own space is certainly essential.

Hope everyone is well, safe and trying to keep positive to the best of their abilities, but if your not, then that's okay, as we all need our down days to reflect and to be able to spark back and feel happy again. Sending love to you all wherever you are.


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