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Friday 3 April 2020

Travel | Best Rides In Disneyland Paris

Best Rides In Disneyland Paris

Seeing as none of us will be travelling for some time and I know a few of us will want to reminisce or look towards the good times coming, I thought why not put together a throwback to Disney but about all the best rides to go on whilst your there and when you plan to go in the future. So let's get our imagination on and think of the good times to come.

Best Rides In Disneyland Paris
Best Rides In Disneyland Paris

Crush's Coaster

This has to be one of THE most popular rides in Disneyland Paris. If you want to go on this ride, make sure it's your priority and the first ride you go on of the day, in the morning in particular before it starts to get too busy. This ride is based on Finding Nemo and it's SO much fun! I've only been on it once and waited about 90 minutes for this ride, but surprisingly it was worth the wait. Certainly a ride you won't forget and will want to go on again.

Ratatouille: The Adventure

This was such a well thought of ride! You are basically in a giant mouse sized waltzer that takes you through the story of Rataouille, it takes you through basically like a 4D adventure full of smells, warmth and you feeling like the rat running away from the chefs. It's a pretty cool one to be honest the way it's thought of. Once the ride is over you can also see into the Ratatouille restaurant which is cool in itself!

Hollywood Tower Of Terror

See this is one that I was dying to try out but I knew what was coming as it's one that does about 12 drops. The amount of people that told me about this ride and how good it was etc, I thought screw it, I'll give it a go. And to my surprise, I bloody hated it. Anything with drops just makes me feel so sick and nauseous. Others may love this, but me personally, I was just in it for the view at the top, not the dramatic drops where you have to cling on for your life. Certainly one for the thrill seekers.

Big Thunder Mountain

Sadly I didn't get to experience this as it was closed the time we went to queue for it, but I've heard so many people say how good this ride is. So sorry that I can't tell you what it's like, but be aware it can be closed a lot of the time. But this means another trip back to Disneyland Paris is in order. If this ride is open GO ON IT!

Best Rides In Disneyland Paris
Best Rides In Disneyland Paris

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

Buzz's ride is one of my favourites, with a neon lights filled adventure where you blast everything with your little laser gun attached to your cart shooting as much as you can to get points. They take your photo whilst your going round so you can see your true concentration face at the end. This wasn't open the second time I went to Disney due to refurbishments but if it's open when your there, definitely worth queuing up for and experiencing.

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain

YOU HAVE TO GO ON THIS ONE! This has to be THE best ride out of the entirety of Disneyland Paris, but maybe I'm biased until you go on it. It was such a thrill full of adventure through space, flashing lights everywhere and all the different spaceships from Star Wars flying around you as you speed through space. Honestly if the queue is long, it's the one worth waiting for that's for sure.

It's A Small World

This is one of the cute rides that is nice to go on. If you don't know what this one is, like I didn't, it's all these cute dolls that sing the song in every single language, but the way it's all played out and produced, it's honestly amazing and such a cute ride. Certainly one to go on if you want to go on a more chilled ride.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

Okay thrill seekers, this ones for you. If you like fast paste rollercoasters with loops going upside down, this one is for you. I didn't even know what was coming with this one, which was probably a good thing. I like rollercoasters either way, but when your able to take your bags on but have them at your feet, you'll want to clench your bag between your legs for dear life round this ride. It's a brilliant ride that gives you such adrenaline, so if you like the sound of that, get queuing mate, this ones a hidden gem.

Best Rides In Disneyland Paris

Hope you've enjoyed reading about the best rides in Disneyland Paris. I also have blog posts on the Best Instagram Spots In Disneyland Paris and A Guide To Disneyland Paris On A Budget. I also vlogged both times I went to Disneyland if you prefer watching videos. Watch my 2017 Disney vlog here and my 2020 Disney vlog here. Don't forget to download the Disneyland Paris App whilst your there to check how long the queues are for each ride, a map of the place and the latest updates.


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