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Wednesday 3 March 2021

Fashion | Outfits I've Had On Repeat During Lockdown

Outfits I've Had On Repeat During Lockdown

Lockdown life has just felt like our days are on repeat, but I've been making myself actually get up early more and get myself ready for the day. Putting on some make up and a cute outfit has really helped to boost my mood and mentally during these uncertain times. So here is a round up of some outfits I've been wearing on repeat during lockdown 3.0.

This dress is quite a recent addition to my wardrobe which I love and will certainly be getting a lot of wear out of it during spring and summer. I layered this dress up with a slip dress underneath and some chunky boots. And of course my Zara faux fur puffer coat which is all over my instagram as I honestly live in it. I bought it whilst in Portugal last year - one fail of a holiday due to corona of course. But at least I got a nice coat out of it! I can't wait to be able to dress this outfit up for spring summer with some heels and a nice bag.

Outfits I've Had On Repeat During Lockdown
Top* - Femme Luxe | Joggers* - Femme LuxeBoots - ISAWITFIRST 

Joggers have been the majority of peoples go to pieces over the last year of lockdown and as much as I've loved loungewear, faux leather joggers were an addition that was needed. I've worn them loads of different ways, with t shirts, jumpers, hoodies and this cute top which is something new for me with the zip up design. I've seen these style of tops all over Instagram and tik Tok, so of course I had to give the style a go. I haven't worn it loads as I'm not sure what exactly to wear it with because of the colour, but white jeans would definitely look nice together for spring or summer.

Outfits I've Had On Repeat During Lockdown
Loungewear set* - Femme Luxe | Slippers - Ego Shoes

I have LIVED in this loungewear set. I have this set also in black and also in sage green. They are my new sassy pj's and I love them. Femme luxe is honestly one of my favourite places for loungewear sets that look stylish but are also comfortable. I've also loved these slippers I got for Christmas that Adam got me, apart from when I slip around the kitchen in them haha, I don't recommend them on vinyl flooring thats for sure.
Outfits I've Had On Repeat During Lockdown
Sweatshirt - Depop (originally Shein) | Turtleneck Jumper - Primark | Faux Leather Leggings - New Look | Boots - Public Desire

This outfit I can't even tell you how many times I've worn this. The boots are new though and I've been wearing them more and more. I honestly love this entire outfit and I've certainly got my wear out of it. The jumper I hunted down on Depop for ages. I didn't want to get it from Shein itself as they do so much fast fashion I just didn't want to add to that - something I'm doing a lot more is shopping on Depop as it's nice to buy second hand stuff, plus it's so much cheaper! It's such a nice fit as well, would you believe its a large?! I was shocked too and it fits perfectly with an oversized fit. Only about £10 on Depop. The leggings I've also lived in ever since I bought them from New Look. They have such nice fleece lining and a thickness to them that keeps you warm on the colder days, they are also in the sale right now if you want to grab a pair. So yes, this outfit has been a firm favourite recently.

Outfits I've Had On Repeat During Lockdown
Puffer Coat - Depop | Top - Primark | Jeans - Depop (Originally Shein) | Trainers - Nike

Another Depop find was this puffer coat which I've also been living in during lockdown. It's the perfect oversized fit, nude/brown colour which is so on trend at the moment. I only paid £35 on Depop for it including postage, considering how it costs around £75 to find one like this right now. My jeans I also bought from Depop which I am obsessed with, especially the style of these which is another trend I've been loving. Straight leg or wide leg jeans which are high waisted are so much more comfortable than skinny jeans. I did a wardrobe clear out video on my youtube channel here, and I got rid of so many skinny jeans as I just find them so uncomfortable since wearing these style of jeans. They also look so good with Nike Air Force 1's. I want to get some custom Air Force ones for sure, especially Dior print ones as they look so nice.

Outfits I've Had On Repeat During Lockdown
Puffer Coat - Depop | Sweatshirt - Depop | Scarf - Primark | Faux Leather Leggings - New Look | Boots - Public Desire

So it's come to my attention that I actually love wearing nude and neutral tones recently which I didn't even realise. As this outfit clearly proves it. The sweatshirt I'm wearing I bought off a Depop store called 'Miah Six' who does embroidery pieces. I loved the ones with the year your born on so of course I got one in white and pink. It's super cosy as well, looks really nice with white joggers also.

Outfits I've Had On Repeat During Lockdown
Sweatshirt - Depop (originally Shein) | Faux Leather Leggings - New Look | Boots - Ego Shoes

I've worn these boots that many times I've broken them already...oops. Luckily a bit of gorilla glue fixed them up nicely. They are one of the comfiest boots I own and even have been wearing them to work on 12 hour shifts and they haven't gave me blisters or anything like that. So they have been a fabulous pair of boots during the winter, even in the snow they have thankfully kept me gripped to the floor. Unlike my usual trainers I wear to work, so they are definitely a good pair I'd recommend. 

Have you been wearing outfits on repeat or still loving wearing loungewear? I can't wait to be wearing all the spring and summer clothes very soon!

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