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Wednesday 26 January 2022

Food | Easy Vegan Strawberry Protein Smoothie

Easy vegan strawberry protein smoothies

Fancy a refreshing smoothie to start your day? Look no further as I bring you one of my favourite smoothie recipes that is so quick and easy to make, as well as making 2 servings that you can keep in the fridge for the next day.

1x Bananas
Mango chunks
Fruit Juice
2x scoops MyVegan strawberry clear protein powder

Pop all the ingredients into a blender, mix together & serve in a glass mason jar or just a glass with a straw & enjoy! You can also enjoy this as a smoothie bowl, just add less fruit juice to make it thicker & top with nuts, seeds and fruit for a nutritious breakfast.

Use my code ISOBELCELINE for 37% off MyVegan also. Let me know if you make this recipe & tag me over on instagram @isobelceline. Also follow me on tiktok, Instagram & Youtube all @isobelceline for more recipes through quick & easy videos. Enjoy!

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