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Monday 17 January 2022

Lifestyle | Why I Chose To Go Vegan

Why I chose to go vegan

Veganism is a brilliantly beneficial & amazing lifestyle choice. Many of you who aren't vegan maybe thinking, jeez thats a massive lifestyle change. Yes it certainly is, but when it benefits not only your health & mental state, helps animals & the environment, it's a win win basis. I decided to go Vegan almost 2 years ago now & I'll never look back and ever eat meat or dairy again. Here's the reasons why I chose to go Vegan...


Going Vegan is something I had to slowly go into, as I suffer with IBS and a medical condition called Hypothyroidism, which I'm very open about on my socials as it's such a common condition to have but not many people seem to talk about online - watch my video here all about it. I made the lifestyle change for my health, but there's also one main thing I changed for which I will get to shortly. But the main thing was, my body wasn't accepting dairy anymore. I couldn't stomach cows milk & I soon realised I was lactose in tolerant, so I started to cut dairy out, I didn't have it too often really anyway, so this wasn't too hard to cut out. I've never been a fan of eggs so this wasn't hard either, the same with cheese, I liked it but I wasn't obsessed with it.

So dairy wasn't hard to cut out, it may be different for those of you who love cows milk in your tea or cheese on most things. But the thing is, there is SO many plant based and vegan alternate milks and cheeses out in the supermarkets now that are literally tasting the same without causing the harm to animals. There's also SO many health benefits to a vegan diet, its richer in certain nutrients, can help with weight loss, appears to lower blood pressure & improve kidney function, can protect against certain cancers, can lower the risk of heart disease & reduce the pain of arthritis and so many more benefits.


Now this is the main reason why I chose to go vegan. I was seeing a slaughter truck every day on the motorway on the way to work and it made me SO sad the fact I couldn't help them or save them, but I felt hypocritical at the fact I was eating their friends at that point. So I thought to myself I don't want to be part of this farming agricultural world anymore. So I started vegetarian and slowly went into veganism. I started to sign up to support petitions about animals and to support saving them against so many horrific things that were happening to them. I didn't want to be ignorant anymore to what is actually happening in the world to these beautiful and intelligent animals. I also started to follow so many different accounts online on Instagram, YouTube and Tik Tok that were vegan and all about this lifestyle to help me be more educated on it.

Honestly if you take the time to learn about animals and what happens to them in slaughterhouses, farms, dairy farms, hens and how they are 'free range' but actually crammed into a barn with hundreds and thousands or other hens, you'd think twice as well. The fact we are so ignorant to the fact we don't want to see an animal killed but will happily have someone else do it, for us to go to the supermarket to buy a dead part of an animal, to go home to cook it, and eat it, all because it tastes good. The process of that 'meat' ending up on your plate has caused an animal it's life, just because humans are hungry for the taste of their flesh. Gross to think of right? This was also the mentality that got me to go vegan and never to want to eat meat again.

There's some really good resources to watch out there and some really good documentaries like; Seaspiracy, Cowspiracy, Speciesism, What The Health, The Game Changers, Earthlings, Forks Over Knives, Hungry For Change & SO many more educational documentaries are out there to help educate you on what's actually going on behind closed doors.

The Environment 

I've always loved to do what I can for the planet, whether that be recycle everything properly, have less food waste, reuse things where I can & do more for the environment. For example I've switched a lot of our household products to vegan, cruelty free & environmentally friendly products to affect the environment less. I use vegan household cleaning products, have more bamboo household items as they are more eco-friendly, we're on a water meter to watch our water consumption, use reusable and washable bamboo pads, bamboo earbuds, biodegradable face wipes, use reusable bags when shopping, opted for plastic free fruit and veg where I can, biodegradable bin bags, use eco friendly washing detergent and conditioner and so many more eco friendly swaps.

Being Vegan is not only a diet lifestyle change, it's a full on life choice and change. But I couldn't be happier with this choice as it benefits so many different things and you don't feel bad about it because you are supporting the animals, environment and your own health! Definitely a win win.

I hope this blog post has helped you understand more into veganism and why I chose to live this lovely lifestyle and I hope it's inspired you to maybe try it out? Or even join in with Veganuary? Which happens all throughout January every year where people try the vegan diet or lifestyle for a month and hopefully stick with it.

You can try going Vegan at anytime, not just January! I post lots of vegan content on my Instagram, YouTube & Tik Tok (@isobelceline) if you are still unsure & want to see what recipes or food I eat etc to support you. My DM's are always open also if you want to just chat about veganism or anything in general. Hope you have a lovely day and I hope you have taken something away from this post today. Thank you for reading!

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