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Monday 17 April 2023

Advice | 7 Things To Do To Reset Your Mindset

 Isobel Celine

I’ve been focusing on myself a lot more in 2023. As this is the year for growth in every aspect of life. My mindset is everything, if I have a positive outlook & mindset in life, everything becomes so much more beautiful in everyday life. You appreciate all the little things in life & you live a better life for yourself.

1. Decluttering your space

If I don’t have a clean & clear space, my mindset is EVERYWHERE. This can be decluttering your room, your wardrobe, food cupboards or fridge etc. in my case I feel better when I’ve gone room by room & cleared out all the things I no longer want, need or bring me negative thoughts or memories. So put some time aside or time block your day & get decluttering your space to start resetting your mind. You’ll feel so much better for it once you have a clean & clear space.

Isobel Celine
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2. Journaling your thoughts

One of the main things that really helps to keep your mindset in check is writing down your thoughts. I keep a daily journal that has a thoughts & feelings section, my intentions for the day, what I’m grateful for, meal plan section, water intake, notes, exercise & more. Journaling really helps to keep you in check, motivated and somewhere to even have a little brain dump of your thoughts. I highly recommend getting into journaling. So good for your mindset & mental state. 

Isobel Celine

3. Podcasts that are uplifting & positive 

Podcasts are something I personally dip in and out of from time to time. Depending on what podcasts you listen to. Positive & uplifting podcasts are the best ones I’ve found to really uplift my mood, feel motivated & really make me think about life. The main ones I’ve been listening to & recommend are:

Growing & Glowing Podcast

Real Girls Radio

For You From Eve

Radio Headspace

The Diary Of A CEO

Morning Rae

The Good Vibes Club

Isobel Celine
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4. Follow people who inspire & uplift

This means on all social media platforms. Having a positive feed to open up on your socials really helps to uplift your mood. When you are inspired by incredible people on the internet, it really does impact your life. Don’t follow people who you feel you are comparing yourself to, get annoyed by, or just generally just don’t really want to be following. You can mute them or just hit the unfollow button. It’s never personal it’s just your way of cleaning your space but online. So next time you go into your socials, have a clear out of who you follow and what you really want to see online.

Isobel Celine

5. Healthy lifestyle

Fuel your body with good nutritional food & movement. There’s that old saying, you are what you eat. Having a healthy balance with food is always good for your mindset, body & gut health too. Going to the gym, going on a walk or even doing yoga, getting in that daily movement for your body will 100% improve your mindset one way or another. Release those good endorphins!

6. Remove all negativity

Cut out any of the negative people or vibes that come your way. You want positivity & uplifting people in your life. Not someone who says why are you doing that for, oh you could do it this way etc. It’s your life & you choose to do it your way, no one can ever tell you what you can & can’t do in life. It’s your life to live, so live it in a positive way. 

Isobel Celine

7. Self care

This could be from having a relaxing bath to baking treats for yourself, going to get your hair done or taking yourself to the gym. Self care doesn’t always mean pampering yourself, but it’s how you choose to give yourself time for you. Self care can be done in so many ways, but it’s what you choose is a good way of self care for your mindset.

What ways will you choose to reset your mindset?

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