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Friday 14 April 2023

Lifestyle | 3 Goals To Achieve In April

 Isobel Celine

Happy start of Spring in the UK! It's been a hot minute (yet again...) from me posting on here. I'm more active with content over on my YouTube, Instagram & Tik Tok if you ever want to see more from me. As much as it's halfway through April, I actually originally wrote this blog post back in March, intending these goals to be for March, but they are still relevant for this month either way. So here are my 3 goals to achieve in April.

Isobel Celine
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1. Save money for travelling

A goal I’ve actually set for the whole of 2023. I’ve basically set this goal so that I don’t buy unnecessary things I don’t need. As I seem to accumulate lots of products I don’t need, or pieces of clothing I buy & wear once. Just random things I really don’t need. When I'd rather the money goes towards travelling & making memories.

So far I’ve had some form of trip each month. January we had a lovely local break away in Warwickshire which was beautiful. February we had the most incredible Ski trip - watch the vlog for that here. March called for a trip to Amsterdam which was fun - watch the vlog here. I’ve wanted to go to Amsterdam for YEARS, so I was super excited when we booked it that I made a full itinerary for when we go. From booking Anne Franks house to booking the Van Gogh museum. So the travel list is slowly being ticked off & I’m doing well so far with achieving my goal for the first quarter or third of the year. 

Isobel Celine
Isobel Celine

2. Stay consistent with the gym & healthy eating

For 2023, I randomly decided to take on a coach, and you know what? As much as it’s an investment, it’s an investment in myself & I’m SO happy I made that choice. My coach (@fitnesswithsaz / @coachingwithsaz) has been brilliant at keeping me accountable for my fitness goals I want to achieve, staying consistent & also having a healthy 80/20 balance with food.

I’ve been religiously going to the gym 3-4 times a week, more so 4 times a week. Keeping up with healthy eating, but also having that balance of not restricting & still eating foods I love & enjoy. Taking on a coach is not something I ever thought I’d do, but something just said do it at the start of the year! So I went for it and I’m super excited to see how my body changes within 2023.

Isobel Celine
Isobel Celine
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3. Always look at everything in a positive mindset

Life throws some negative things at you & the best way to deal with them is think positive in whatever way you can. Say for instance, the day I’m writing this, it was snowing & I was late getting to the dentist because of the snow & traffic. It stressed me out that I was running late, but me being late gave me a chance to listen to the music on the radio & the song Celestial by Ed Sheeran came on, & instantly my mood was lifted & I looked around at the snow & thought, how magical is this? So my point here is, see the positive in every situation & give yourself that positive outlook in life & see the joy in little things in life, as the little things are the things that honestly make you the happiest.

Have you got any goals set for this month or 2023 itself? Let's chat about it in the comments.

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