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Wednesday 31 January 2024

Theatre | Shrek The Musical Review - Belgrade Theatre

Shrek The Musical

First of all I'm lost for words with how fantastic this musical was. Shrek The Musical has come to the town of Coventry to showcase the classic Ogrg & Princess Fiona tale. With twists and turns along the storyline to stomach clenching amounts of laughter throughout. A must see musical for all theatre fanatics and families who love the original Shrek film. Let us dive right in to see what I thought of this fabulous performance.

Shrek The Musical

First of all, I have to give a shout out to who I thought was one of the most brilliant stars of the show, Donkey played by Brandon Lee. His dedication and characteristics to playing the part of Donkey shone through and he really tuned into his character. Full of enthusiasm and humour, Brandon Lee was the star of the show for me. But not only that, the character who played Lord Farqaad by James Gillan was also incredible and full of sass with those hair flicks. I thought his acting skills were top notch and he had an unforgettable presence on stage.

Of course not forgetting the main characters Shrek played by Anthony Lawrence and Princess Fiona played by Joanne Clifton. Anthony played the part of Shrek so well and really got into the Scottish accent, as well as a nod towards how much of a brilliant stage presence he had throughout. Joanne too had a terrific, unforgettable voice and really tuned into the demanding attitude of Princess Fiona. All the main characters were fantastic throughout and all had such brilliant personalities that shined brightly during the entire fabulous performance.

Shrek The Musical

The most humorous scene of the show had to be when Princess Fiona and Shrek had a 'breaking wind' competition which had the audience roaring in laughter. Alongside one of the best scenes being when the dragon came out, played by Cherece Richards who blew everyone's ears away with her absolutely incredible vocals! This young actress needs a spotlight show of her own with how spectacular her voice is. Another actress who I noticed had an unforgettable voice and incredibly talented at multitasking characters, was Georgie Buckland who played Gingy, Elf, Bluebird and was also a Dragon Puppeteer. She too deserves a show of her own with the insane talent of her voice and theatrical skills.

Shrek The Musical

As for the whole stage and lighting design, it was so incredibly well thought of. The attention to detail with all the props and staging in general were utter perfection, with a mirrored reflection towards the original film Shrek. I cannot forget to mention how detailed all of the costumes were, so a huge congratulations to Philip Witcomb for how intricate and beautifully well designed the entire casts costumes were.

Overall, this is a musical you MUST add to your bucket list, especially with the current cast and producers. Every little detail, high note, humorous line, cast selection etc. was absolute perfection and I could not recommend this musical more highly to you. It was so much fun and full of pizazz that I want to go and watch it all over again. You can book your tickets at the Belgrade Theatre for Shrek The Musical from Tuesday 30th Jan - Saturday 3rd Feb. Don't miss out as these tickets are selling like swamp cakes!

*I was kindly invited as press to review this performance. All my opinions are my own, open and honest. Please refer to my disclaimer for more information.*

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